New category: hair color

A new member joins the family of categories related to the hair fetish, a gift for those of you who have a kink for Unnatural Hair Color.

It features hair colors in unnatural colors such as pink, blue, purple, red, green, orange, white, silver. Solo and combined in all forms and shapes.

The other family members are pretty normal, and includes: red hair, blond hair, dark hair, curly hair, emo and pigtails. There’s also a more general hair fetish category.

fetish scene unnatural hair color

Femdom Strapon & Fisting

Hello my dear kinksters. After some time, I’m now writing a small website review. It looks like I finally found a new site that worth mentioning in this blog: Femdom Strapon & Fisting.

Starring mature Mistress Angelina Latex Angel, the site is all about her fisting, strapon fucking, and ass fucking her slaves. Filmed in full HD. The main topics of the site are six:

Strap-on Fucking: femdom with strap-on defines the power of the mistress as she fucks submissive ass with a multitude of different sized eye watering strap-on-dildos for the maximum effect.

Femdom Fisting: demands skilled handwork for the ultimate sphincter stretching penetration. Deep ass fisting stimulates the male prostate and gives an intense anal workout.

Femdom Handjob: mistress gives handjobs that milk sub slave cocks dry till they hurts.

Femdom Blowjob: involves her squeezing excited cocks and balls while slaves feel the wrath of her slippery tongue and hard teeth.

Dildos, Toys, Plugs: mistress uses dildos and plugs to give the ultimate male asshole work out. Too long or too wide are not options as she stretches his sphincter to accept all her formidable toys.

Femdom Anal Fucking: lol, this is her art! See to believe… : D

fetish site femdom strapon fisting