The Super Orgasmic Woman

The secret to becoming multi-orgasmic is not what you think! Emma Michelle Dixon talks about female orgasm:

“I know that for many women it can be hard, if not impossible, to reach orgasm. For others, the stars have to align, so to speak. Then, when it does happen, it’s not always so spectacular, not always quite so worth the effort.

Sometimes it can feel more like a moral victory, the pride of having accomplished something, rather than the bliss of the experience. Or it can just feel like relief that we haven’t let our partners down.

Then, there can be the disappointment of not reaching orgasm every time we have sex. Or with everyone we have sex with. It seems reasonable, doesn’t it? Men can orgasm with nearly anyone, why shouldn’t we?

You have probably heard of the SOW. Super Orgasmic Woman. The SOW is a kind of superheroine, going off like a firecracker with every coital interaction. She is regarded with awe. You are being compared to her by your lovers, you are certain of it.

Oh, yes. I hear you. I know SOWs; I even managed to become one. It’s what we all want, right? Many women, myself included, share the post-feminist belief in our indisputable right to climax, whenever we want, however we choose, with anybody…”

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