117 Celeb Galleries Added

Hello my dear kinksters. I’m posting this short note to let you know that today I updated the Celebrity Category adding 117 brand new photo galleries with content from the website Cinema Cult.

Cinema Cult is a website where you can find a huge selection of video clips in high definition featuring the beautiful nude scene from the movies. Content range from the classic movies from the 70s and 80s to the latest TV Series. If you’re a cinema fan you can’t miss it.

I hope you like the new content. Have fun!

From: La mala ordina (AKA The Italian Connection)

From: La mala ordina (AKA The Italian Connection)

Anne Hathaway naked, from movie "Havoc"

Anne Hathaway naked, from movie “Havoc”

From: The Night Porter

From: The Night Porter

From: Secret Diary of a Call Girl [Season 1]

From: Secret Diary of a Call Girl [Season 1]

New category: spandex

Yes ! One more ! Another category is up and running: spandex fetish.

The category celebrates this synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is strong, but less durable than its major non-synthetic competitor, natural latex. It is a polyurethane-polyurea copolymer that was invented in 1959 by chemists C. L. Sandquist and Joseph Shivers at DuPont’s Benger Laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia. When first introduced, it revolutionized many areas of the clothing industry. And of the fetish world, too…

fetish niche spandex

New category: curly hair

Good news folks ! I keep working on new kinky categories and a brand new one is just ready. It falls under the big family of the hair fetish and it is a topic that you won’t easily find on other adult sites: curly hair.

So, as reminder, right now the hair fetish niche has the following categories in the index: general hair fetish, blond hair, red hair, dark hair, curly hair and emo. One more in under development and will be ready soon: unnatural hair colors, just in case you like blue, violet or green hair… I do !

fetish scene curly hair

Ready for the doggystyle

                                               (((((  _  _))
                                               )))))) . (.((
                                               ((((((    >)))
                                              _))))))   - /(
                                           .-'  (((((.--' )))
                   .-'''''-._          _.-'         :: (((((
                 .`          '-.    .-'     _.-''  :::)))))))
                 :              ':-:    _.-' :'   .:::((((((
                 :               .:   .:: : :     ::::)))))))
                  :.          ..::   .:: : '      ::::((((((
                   :.        (:::  .:::: : :      o ::)))))))
       _.-.         :.        \/  :-'-'-'-'`'-.-'`:: .((((((
  __.-'   _\       _ :.        \ /             ))):.  .))))))
 (    .-' ;;'-.-''' '':.        :             (((((:.  .((((
  ```'-..-.;._  _.-''-.\         :             ))))):.   ))))
  __.-'   _\_.`'        \        :            (((((((:. '(((
(    _.-' ;;                     :                    :. '---.__
 `'''-....;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,___:                      \:..b===='

There’s not very much to say… : D

For The Girls is 10 years old !

Sincere congratulation to Karen and Debbie. Their website For The Girls is officially ten years old !

It was way back in June 2003 when they decided to make their very own porn for women pay site. They started small but it didn’t take long for For The Girls to become one of the largest and most popular female-friendly sites on the Internet. Their philosophy is fairly simple. They know that women are sexual beings. They know that women enjoy looking at sexually explicit material. And they know that women also want to be entertained, informed and given their money’s worth. So their site aims to keep them satisfied, in every possible way.

forthegirls external area    forthegirls internal area
screenshots of front page and members area of For The Girls

After 10 years they’re still going strong. Women still want good, respectful, non-sexist porn yet even now there’s not many places they can find it online. This means that women, but men also, still love For The Girls as it offers a complete adult entertainment experience. Aside from photos and movies chosen specifically to appeal to a female audience, the site is also a complete women’s magazine featuring articles, interviews, fiction, columns, sex advice and humor. So, close your eyes and indulge your fantasies !

New category: girls in socks

Do you find girls in socks sexy ? Great news for you then, I just released a brand new porn category for the Fetish Bank Directory: girls in socks.

It includes pay sites, free sites, blogs, tgps, tubes, mini sites and free galleries as usual. There’s not very much content of this kind around, at least not content specifically created for this niche, so… If you have some links to suggest, I surely appreciate : )

fetish scene girl in socks