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Although Fetish Bank hosts over 150 different fetish categories and although I’ve been surfing around any kind of porn site in the last 20 years of my life, from time to time I still found completely new fetish topics !

You don’t believe me ? Ok, look at this list of sites about unusual kinks:

Hand Fetish:
Fur Fetish:
Navel & Belly Fetish:
Brace Fetish:
Armpit Fetish:
Cast Fetish:
Fart Fetish:
Sneeze Fetish:
Watch Fetish:
Crying Fetish:

Yesterday, for I moment, I thought I had discovered one even more strange: Case and Cooling Fetish which is all about customizing computers with weird accessories… I spent some time browsing that page but still I can’t figure how the sexual part works… maybe fuckings USB slot and licking keyboards ?

The Pope breaks another

Kristine Kahill at Sadistic Rope

Kristine Kahill is over 18 and over-the-top hot. This brunette looks like an innocent babe in the woods but from this Sadistic Rope update, it is easy to see that this girl-next-door has built up some kinky needs in her tender age. The Pope brings her close to tears with his carefully orchestrated training. He has her blindfolded and gagged with rope and she is drooling and begging and wailing within the first 4 minutes – and we all know that is just the beginning. Caning, painful orgasms, suspension bondage and more tears are what are in store for this beauty… click on the image to see more…

Never watch porn at work !

Have you ever noticed the hashtag #NSFW associated to forum posts, email messages or twitter messages? That acronym, that means Not Suitable For Work, is simply used to describe Internet content generally inappropriate for the typical workplace, i.e., would not be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues…

humor watching porn at work

It looks like this guy simply ignored the #NSFW tag… : D

Somnophilia & Sexsomnia

Sleep and sex, interesting combination for dirty minds like mine. Ok, lets go ahead… allow me to me give you some information you probably don’t know:

Somnophilia: sexual arousal from sleeping or unconscious people. It is not an uncommon fetishism and on the Internet you can find a small range of sites featuring the sleeping sex fantasy scenario, in straight, gay and lesbian porn. Just to mention a few: Sleeping Tushy which is all about lesbian sleeping sex fantasy and Sleeping Matures which features hardcore sex with sleeping mature beauties. Fetish Bank has a specific category for it called sleeping sex with more links and free picture and movie galleries.

Sexsomnia: also called sleep sex is a condition in which a person will engage in sexual acts while still asleep. This condition falls within the broad classes of sleep disorders known as parasomnia. Sexsomnia includes fondling, heterosexual and homosexual intercourse, masturbation, and oral sex. A couple of interesting websites to know more are  Wikipedia and Sexsomia.

fetish scene sleeping sex 1

fetish scene sleeping sex 2

I’ve been told that some ladies do not appreciate being woken up by the man in their bed. Fortunately never been my case, but if this problem afflict you, make sure to read the guide “How to properly sleep sex your mate“. Hope it helps : D

Fetish Bank is 14 years old

June 23, 1999, around this time, I was swearing and typing on my keyboard trying to register the domain I had never registered an Internet domain before. I had already started to play with the net and I was running a couple of free hosted adult pages, but my dream was to create a real big site, where a lot of people could come and play. That was my dream at that time.

It was 14 years ago. I can say today that dream become reality. A lot of time passed, I’m getting old (fuck!) but the site keeps spreading its message of free speech and sexual freedom. I’m so proud of this. If you are a pervert, part of the responsibility is mine! : D

happy birthday fetish bank

At that time I was working as programmer in a geographical data processing company. I was enough skilled in writing code, but the Internet was a very new thing. The look of websites at that time was very amateur style and Fetish Bank was not an exception.

Indeed, after that long time the site keeps its peculiar look (I’ve been told it is ugly so many times, but I don’t care) that make it one-of-a-kind. If you curious to see how it was looking like in the past you can use Wayback Machine that keeps an archive with snapshhots of the site taken from time to time during the years… in any case…

Happy Birthday Fetish Bank  !

New site: Shadow Slaves

When it comes to female submission and masochism, Shadow Slaves is a site like no other. Over it’s ten year history, it has built a reputation as one of the most original and extreme SM sites on the web, and a leader in European (English language) BDSM pornography.

Shadow Slaves is a site for the BDSM connoisseur, who wants to view something genuinely different. Shooting 100% exclusive in-house content, from a stable of real life slave-girls, many of whom members have watched progress from basic training to extreme hardcore pain-sluts over the years, the site explores the darker, more brutal, and more personal depths of the female masochistic psyche.

shadow slaves sample     shadow slaves sample     shadow slaves sample

The action is often very hard and cruel, often deeply humiliating, and the tears, pain and emotions portrayed are unquestionably real, but there is a unique relationship built with the membership, as the girls progress through years of training, that is rare to find on any adult site.

The scenes exhibit some of the greatest originality possible within the world of BDSM, as the genuine fantasies of the slave-girls play out before our eyes, reaching far beyond the usual ‘tied and flogged’ kinky scenes, to outrageously unusual footage of helpless girls being buried alive, pierced head to toe, forced to eat foul garbage, awoken from sleep straight into a brutal scene, public humiliation, head shaving, forced labour and more.

shadow slaves sample     shadow slaves sample     shadow slaves sample

The Shadow Slaves themselves are a mix of international BDSM models and lifestyle amateurs, but the one thing they all share is a real love of pain and humiliation, and a devotion to lifestyle submission. There is no acting or faking in any of the videos on the site, whether it’s tears, humiliation, orgasms or genuine fear. Many of the girls who began their exploration on this site are now very familiar faces on the more mainstream kink media.

All content on the site, including a decade’s worth of archive material, is available for unlimited download, for members to keep, and the videos from recent years are presented in full hi-def quality. The site updates regularly, with new movies, new faces, the continued trials of the established slaves, and high quality photographs of strenuous and painful bondage. Members have access to a forum where they can talk to both the slave-girls and the male and female dominants on the site, make suggestions, or even request scenes for a specific girl they want to see played out.

Shadow Slaves has been a unique force in BDSM since 2003, and it continues to astonish and surprise weekly as the stable of highly individual slave-girls continue their journey into the darkest reaches of sado-masochism, where the only limit is imagination.

fetish site shadow slaves