Siri Wins Round Two has announced that Siri is the winner of the 2nd round of Miss FreeOnes 2014 and will be receiving a check for $1,000!

The #1 girls for the other 6 categories finished as follows: Briana Lee (Best Cam Girl), Kaylee Rayne (Best Adult Model), August Ames (Best Newcomer), Mandy Flores (Best OSMC), Julia Ann (Best MILF), Harley Spencer (Most Underrated). Each of the category winners will be taking home a check for $500 for their 2nd round win… CONTINUE

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The Great Wall of Vagina

Great wall of vagina

As part of his latest exhibition, artist Jamie McCartney presents a large-scale wall sculpture entitled “The Great Wall of Vagina” which consists of an entire wall taken over by sculptural casts of female genitalia.

Female genitalia have long been a source of fascination, recently of celebration but generally of confusion. Today it seems that creating images of the vagina is the sole preserve of pornographers, erotic artists and feminists. Step in British artist Jamie McCartney who has grasped the nettle to create a monumental wall sculpture all about this most intimate of places. For 400 women their privates have gone public… Half a decade since its humble beginnings, The Great Wall of Vagina has enticed women from many different countries and all walks of life to volunteer to be cast by McCartney in an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the project.

The 9 metre long polyptych consists of four hundred plaster casts of vulvas, all of them unique, arranged into ten large panels. McCartney set out to make this project as broad and inclusive as possible. The age range of the women is from 18 to 76. Included are mothers and daughters, identical twins, transgendered men and women as well as a woman pre and post natal and another one pre and post labiaplasty.

Dailymotion, kinky videos

dailymotion logo

Dailymotion is a French video-sharing website, the little brother of You Tube, on which users can upload, share and view videos. Their policy does not allow penetration porn along with some other stuff, but nudity is allowed.

Now, considering that you can watch penis going into vagina almost everywhere and probably, just like me, you’re considering it kinda boring, let’s see why I decided to spend my time writing this post. Then, is there something special on Dailymotion?

Yes, there is. On Dailymotion, you can see stuff like: asian micro bikini oil dancing, wet t shirt contests, naked voyeur vids, naked exhibition vids, downblouse and sharking, candid nude beach, drunk pissing, changing rooms, nip slips, celeb nip slips, big brother nude scenes, amateur ass shaking, groping, asian train groping, tops falling off, mooning, pantsing and much more. Want something a little bit more extreme ? Have a look at this nipple pulling playlist and smile.

The limit is your own fantasy, don’t be shy when using the search feature. Open an account, turn the adult filter off, search for something naughty, click the video, and then find a playlist that the video was added to. That playlist could be a host of other similar videos.

If you are still thinking these kind of video sharing services cannot host stuff enough kinky and extreme, you can’t be more wrong. Look at this video made by a Korean girl and pay me a beer.

Ready for the doggystyle

                                               (((((  _  _))
                                               )))))) . (.((
                                               ((((((    >)))
                                              _))))))   - /(
                                           .-'  (((((.--' )))
                   .-'''''-._          _.-'         :: (((((
                 .`          '-.    .-'     _.-''  :::)))))))
                 :              ':-:    _.-' :'   .:::((((((
                 :               .:   .:: : :     ::::)))))))
                  :.          ..::   .:: : '      ::::((((((
                   :.        (:::  .:::: : :      o ::)))))))
       _.-.         :.        \/  :-'-'-'-'`'-.-'`:: .((((((
  __.-'   _\       _ :.        \ /             ))):.  .))))))
 (    .-' ;;'-.-''' '':.        :             (((((:.  .((((
  ```'-..-.;._  _.-''-.\         :             ))))):.   ))))
  __.-'   _\_.`'        \        :            (((((((:. '(((
(    _.-' ;;                     :                    :. '---.__
 `'''-....;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,___:                      \:..b===='

There’s not very much to say… : D

Girls rule, boys drool !

Dear kinky friend, how are you today ? Are you up for some interaction ?

Today I’m going to talk about a different kind of site. Fetish Girls, a hybrid site containing webcams, social elements , model uploaded clips and exclusive live HD shows featuring pantyhose, foot-jobs, femdom ,smothering, jerkoff instruction, hand-jobs, foot and ass worship, spanking and tickling with fresh teen fetish girls!

All girls on the site are ID verified and real. Registration to the site is free. It allows you to have a look around and interact a little bit. It may worth a look. The premium features are provided on pay per view basis.

logo site fetish girls

Model: Leah Caprice

The paraprincess Leah Caprice is a English babe in her mid twenties who had an unlucky fall back in 2008. It has tied her to a wheelchair ever since, but in no way has it killed her high spirits or made her any less sexy. Being a paraplegic porn star may have its difficulties but as Leah Caprice shows you a strong cocktail of willpower and unrelenting exhibitionism overcomes even the biggest of challenges. Live life to the max with Leah Caprice and join her out in the streets nude in public.

Model Leah Caprice 01   Model Leah Caprice 03Model Leah Caprice 02

Leah Caprice may be an unlikely ambassador for paraplegics but nonetheless she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the handicap and not least to show how sexy, unphased and entirely bubbly its possible to still be. Leah has done charity naked skydiving, done dating programs on UKs main television channel BBC, featured in documentaries and not least invited UK Flashers out for delightful days of flashing and public on the streets of England for pure fun and pleasure.

Model Leah Caprice 04 Model Leah Caprice 05 Model Leah Caprice 06

  • Name: Leah Caprice Age: 25
  • Relationship: Single / Unmarried
  • Nationality: English / UK
  • Favorite Color: Pink Favorite
  • Clothing: None
  • Nickname: Paraprincess
  • Profession: Adult Model
  • Haircolor: Brown / Brunette
  • Sexuality: Nympho Exhibitionist
  • Handicap: Parapletic due to accident

Model Leah Caprice 09 Model Leah Caprice 08 Model Leah Caprice 07

You can find all her videos and photo sets on UK Flashers.

fetish site uk flashers