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International Day of Privacy

The International Day of Privacy is set for February 1st, and you can join the conversation using the hashtag #IDP2014 on Twitter.

International Day of Privacy

The International Day of Privacy (IDP) was first time on 23 February instead of 2013 under the hashtag #IDP13.IDP 2013 is an international secondary result of Operation BigBrother and directed by road as well Internet demonstrations against exaggerated camera surveillance, data retention, State Trojans, Internet monitoring and Internet censorship. People went in February 2013 on behalf of Anonymous and IDP13 in more than 105 cities Worldwide on the road in several different countries.

The monumental enema

The Russian city of Zheleanovodsk hosts a quite unusual monument. It does not honor a person or commemorate a historic event. Instead, it is a monument that celebrates a procedure that most people would never dream of celebrating, but some kinksters would!

the monumental enema

Local artist Svetlana Avakova, who designed the monument which costed around 1 million roubles ($42,000), said Botticelli’s classic painting Venus and Mars had given her the inspiration to tackle the tricky subject.