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Petitioning The U.S. Senate ~ Protect Internet Privacy: Stop CISPA!

Under the guise of cyber-security, CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is a bill that would grant corporations the power to share our emails, Facebook messages, and other sensitive online data with the government – all without a warrant.

CISPA would kill online privacy as we know it – nullifying the laws that require big corporations to keep our information private from government agencies like the National Security Agency. Those corporations wouldn’t have to notify you that they have done this and you wouldn’t be able to take legal action against them if they made a mistake when sharing your information. While strong information security is critical to privacy and civil liberties, CISPA does almost nothing to prevent this. All it does is give the government access to your information. We beat CISPA last year when hundreds of thousands of Americans signed online petitions to let lawmakers know that our online privacy rights are not negotiable. But this bill is back and politicians who want the government to be able to read your emails and see what you purchase online are hoping you won’t speak out this time.

stop cispa initiative

ASCII Art, Facebook

o          `O    Oo    `o    O  o.OOoOoo       O       o OooOOo. 
O           o   o  O    o   O    O             o       O O     `O
o           O  O    o   O  O     o             O       o o      O
O           O oOooOoOo  oOo      ooOO          o       o O     .o
o     o     o o      O  o  o     O             o       O oOooOO' 
O     O     O O      o  O   O    o             O       O o       
`o   O o   O' o      O  o    o   O             `o     Oo O       
 `OoO' `OoO'  O.     O  O     O ooOooOoO        `OoooO'O o'      

  .oOOOo.  o      O o.OOoOoo o.OOoOoo OooOOo.   o      o.OOoOoo  
  o     o  O      o  O        O       O     `O O        O        
  O.       o      O  o        o       o      O o        o        
   `OOoo.  OoOooOOo  ooOO     ooOO    O     .o o        ooOO     
        `O o      O  O        O       oOooOO'  O        O        
         o O      o  o        o       o        O        o        
  O.    .O o      o  O        O       O        o     .  O        
   `oooO'  o      O ooOooOoO ooOooOoO o'       OOoOooO ooOooOoO  
                   FACEBOOK IS RUN BY THE CIA