New site: Sadistic Rope

A new site joins the family: Sadistic Ropes.

Sadistic Rope brings you the most intense and brutal torment you’ve ever seen. Their irreverent director, The Pope, commands all the hardcore rope bondage and extreme orgasms, with the girls getting so mind fucked that you can see their souls start to bend.

Sadistic Rope is more than rope bondage. There’s wax play, clothespins, spanking, caning, whipping, electro play, breath play and forced orgasms. Needless to say, the quality is the same high level that you used to find on

logo site sadistic rope

Ready for the doggystyle

                                               (((((  _  _))
                                               )))))) . (.((
                                               ((((((    >)))
                                              _))))))   - /(
                                           .-'  (((((.--' )))
                   .-'''''-._          _.-'         :: (((((
                 .`          '-.    .-'     _.-''  :::)))))))
                 :              ':-:    _.-' :'   .:::((((((
                 :               .:   .:: : :     ::::)))))))
                  :.          ..::   .:: : '      ::::((((((
                   :.        (:::  .:::: : :      o ::)))))))
       _.-.         :.        \/  :-'-'-'-'`'-.-'`:: .((((((
  __.-'   _\       _ :.        \ /             ))):.  .))))))
 (    .-' ;;'-.-''' '':.        :             (((((:.  .((((
  ```'-..-.;._  _.-''-.\         :             ))))):.   ))))
  __.-'   _\_.`'        \        :            (((((((:. '(((
(    _.-' ;;                     :                    :. '---.__
 `'''-....;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,___:                      \:..b===='

There’s not very much to say… : D

Top 20 Richest Porn Stars

Are you wondering how much money are making the top porn stars ? Just watch this five minutes video to discover who are the top 20 players in the adult business at today.

Not surprisingly, Jenna Jameson is the richest porn star in the world, with the net worth of $30 million, but did you ever expected to see a male porn star at the third place ? Peter North has starred in an astonishing 1800 adult movies and has directed over 70 but the bulk of his $10 million net worth comes from his work behind the scenes. The other male porn star in the list is the legendary Ron Jeremy, at the 7th place.

Second place for Tera Patrick, model, talent agent, adult film star and author who has a net worth of $15 million. The last one, at the 20th place, Tori Black, with “only” one million. Celebrity Network published the full list, just in case you want to know more.

Hanky Code for gay men

The handkerchief code (also known as the hanky code, the bandana code, and flagging) is a way for gay men to recognize each other on the streets, bar, clubs, movies, and parks. It uses location and colors of the hankies to indicate the sexual interests of the potential sex partners.

Gay men wear different colored hankies in their back pockets to represent their favorite fetish or fetishes. It also represents whether they are more top or bottom. If you wear one of the following hankies in your left pocket you are normally considered a top. If you wear the hanky in your right pocket you are more bottom. Some people wear the hanky around their neck representing they are versatile (top and bottom).




Dark Blue Anal sex top Anal sex bottom
Light Blue Wants oral sex Gives oral sex
Black Heavy S&M top Heavy S&M bottom
Red Fist fucker Fist fuckee
Yellow Piss top Piss bottom
Brown Scat top Scat bottom
Gray Bondage top Bondage bottom
Orange Anythings goes top Anythings goes bottom
White Masturbate me Masturbates other
Purple Piercer Wants to be pierced
Green Hustler, selling Hustler, buying
Olive Drab Uniform/military top Uniform/military bottom
Hunter Green Daddy Daddy’s boy

It used to be a very simple code with just your basic colors like black (SM), red (fisting), yellow (piss), gray (bondage), brown (scat), etc. Somehow this list has begun taking on the entire rainbow of colors.  So don’t take it too seriously if you see some esoteric color.




B&W Check Safe Sex (top) Safe Sex (bottom)
Robin’s Egg Blue 69’er 69’er
Medium Blue Cop Cop sucker
Teal Blue Genital torturer Wants genital torture
Light Pink Dildo giver Dildo receiver
Dark Pink Tit torturer Tit torturee
Dark Red 2-handed fister 2-handed fistee
Mauve Wants navel worshippers Navel worshipper
Magenta Wants armpit worshippers Armpit worshipper
Lavender Wants drag queen Does drag
Pale Yellow Spitter Spit on me
Mustard Has 8″ + Wants 8″ +
Gold 2 looking for 1 Looking for 2 or more
Apricot Chubby Chubby chaser
Coral Foot top Foot licker
Rust Cowboy Wants cowboy
Fuschia Spanker Spank me
Hunter Green Daddy Daddy’s boy
Lime Green Food top Smear me with food
Beige Rimmee Rimmer
Brown Lace Uncut Wants uncut
Brown Satin Cut Wants cut
Charcoal Rubber top Rubber bottom
Gray Flannel Suit Suit chaser
Cream Sleaze top Sleaze bottom
Red & White Stripe Shaver Shave me
Black & White Stripe Wants black bottom Wants black top
Brown & White Stripe Wants Latino bottom Wants Latino top
Yellow & White Stripe Wants Oriental bottom Wants Oriental top
White Lace Wants white bottom Wants white top
Paisley Wears boxers Wants boxer shorts
Gold Lame Wants muscleboy Wants muscle top
Leopard Has tattoos Likes tattoos
Tan Cigar top Likes cigar tops
Teddy Bear Cuddler Cuddlee
Dirty Jockstrap Wears one Wants one
Chamois Biker Wants biker
Cocktail Napkin Bartender Barfly
Mosquito Netting Outdoor top Outdoor bottom

This long elaborate lists, like others found on the web, are more imaginative and the many color codes in them are less often used in practice, although most of the colors in longer lists are offered as bandanas for sale at almost all LGBT leather stores along with free color code cards listing their meanings.

gay hanky code

Hey, don’t piss in the street !

Choose a spot on a map and you are there, immersed in a panoramic view you can move and zoom. Since 2007, Google Maps with Street View has transformed our ideas about going places, from faraway lands to a restaurant across town.

Privacy advocates have objected to the Google Street View feature, pointing to photographs that show people leaving strip clubs, protesters at an abortion clinic, sunbathers in bikinis, cottagers at public parks, people picking up prostitutes and people engaging in activities visible from public property in which they do not wish to be photographed. This is a legitimate privacy concern. Making fun of a serious issue, how many times have you been told not to pee in the street ? Here is why…

street view caught pissing 01

street view caught pissing 02

street view caught pissing 03

street view caught pissing 04

street view caught pissing 05

street view caught pissing 06

street view caught pissing 07

Consider this post just a taste of what you can see on Street View. More pictures showing other embarrassing situations will come soon…  #ROTFL