Model: Leah Caprice

The paraprincess Leah Caprice is a English babe in her mid twenties who had an unlucky fall back in 2008. It has tied her to a wheelchair ever since, but in no way has it killed her high spirits or made her any less sexy. Being a paraplegic porn star may have its difficulties but as Leah Caprice shows you a strong cocktail of willpower and unrelenting exhibitionism overcomes even the biggest of challenges. Live life to the max with Leah Caprice and join her out in the streets nude in public.

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Leah Caprice may be an unlikely ambassador for paraplegics but nonetheless she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the handicap and not least to show how sexy, unphased and entirely bubbly its possible to still be. Leah has done charity naked skydiving, done dating programs on UKs main television channel BBC, featured in documentaries and not least invited UK Flashers out for delightful days of flashing and public on the streets of England for pure fun and pleasure.

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  • Name: Leah Caprice Age: 25
  • Relationship: Single / Unmarried
  • Nationality: English / UK
  • Favorite Color: Pink Favorite
  • Clothing: None
  • Nickname: Paraprincess
  • Profession: Adult Model
  • Haircolor: Brown / Brunette
  • Sexuality: Nympho Exhibitionist
  • Handicap: Parapletic due to accident

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