Summer vacation time

summer vacation cover 5

Guys ! Here it is hot like hell ! I’m going to have a short vacation on the coast. Hopefully the view will be something like the picture above.

I’m bringing my laptop and my Android with me, so I won’t be totally disconnected from the world, but, during the next ten days there will be daily updates with a little bit less stuff and I can be slow replying to the mails. Don’t even try to complain before you have checked all the stuff that is already listed. I think I stored so much porn that is enough for the next 1,000 years ! In the directory there are over 65,000 unique links, 25,000 are galleries with a total of over half million free pictures and movies. Plus, in the past months I published a couple dozens of interesting articles about kinky subjects, trying to share my little knowledge. Isn’t that enough ? #lol

My suggestion is to check the index and try browsing new categories. Stuff you don’t really know very well. Maybe you’ll get some idea for something to try in real life. In case, don’t forget to post your feedback here, ok ?