Brazzers You Tube Channel

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Did you know that Brazzers, the famous porn network, has had (update: banned for violation of TOS in Nov 2013) it own channel on You Tube ? You won’t find find porn videos there but you can find some other kind of interesting videos. Parodies, backstage videos, interviews with porn stars and other stuff like that.

The production company is located in North America. The Brazzers brand was launched in early 2005 by Ouissam Youssef, and Stephane Manos, friends at Concordia University, and Matt Keezer. While their website is managed from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the majority of their scenes and photographs are shot in Las Vegas, Nevada; San Antonio, Texas; Los Angeles, California; and Miami, Florida. is frequently ranked as one of the top 500 most-viewed websites on the internet. You can find the complete company history and the list of their awards on Wikipedia.

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Brazzers Gear is their online store, where you can purchase Brazzers branded products: t-shirts, caps and baseball caps, women’s booty shorts, men’s tank tops, key rings, iPhone cases and other similar stuff. The design is quite good. Worth a look if you don’t mind going around with the the name of a porn site printed on you. I do it. One day I’ll post here a couple of pictures of me. 

Finally, if you want to follow them on Twitter, their official account is: @Brazzers