Top 10 most weird forums

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Although Fetish Bank hosts over 150 different fetish categories and although I’ve been surfing around any kind of porn site in the last 20 years of my life, from time to time I still found completely new fetish topics !

You don’t believe me ? Ok, look at this list of sites about unusual kinks:

Hand Fetish:
Fur Fetish:
Navel & Belly Fetish:
Brace Fetish:
Armpit Fetish:
Cast Fetish:
Fart Fetish:
Sneeze Fetish:
Watch Fetish:
Crying Fetish:

Yesterday, for I moment, I thought I had discovered one even more strange: Case and Cooling Fetish which is all about customizing computers with weird accessories… I spent some time browsing that page but still I can’t figure how the sexual part works… maybe fuckings USB slot and licking keyboards ?

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