Fetish Bank is 14 years old

June 23, 1999, around this time, I was swearing and typing on my keyboard trying to register the domain fetishbank.net. I had never registered an Internet domain before. I had already started to play with the net and I was running a couple of free hosted adult pages, but my dream was to create a real big site, where a lot of people could come and play. That was my dream at that time.

It was 14 years ago. I can say today that dream become reality. A lot of time passed, I’m getting old (fuck!) but the site keeps spreading its message of free speech and sexual freedom. I’m so proud of this. If you are a pervert, part of the responsibility is mine! : D

happy birthday fetish bank

At that time I was working as programmer in a geographical data processing company. I was enough skilled in writing code, but the Internet was a very new thing. The look of websites at that time was very amateur style and Fetish Bank was not an exception.

Indeed, after that long time the site keeps its peculiar look (I’ve been told it is ugly so many times, but I don’t care) that make it one-of-a-kind. If you curious to see how it was looking like in the past you can use Wayback Machine that keeps an archive with snapshhots of the site taken from time to time during the years… in any case…

Happy Birthday Fetish Bank  !

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