Porn ban in Great Britain

David Cameron retreats in war on internet porn, admitting there will be problems down the line amid debate over censorship. In fact The Prime Minister is facing serious questions over how his plan for automatic internet porn filters in every British home would work, after he suggested that topless images such as those used on The Sun’s page three would be still be accessible online.

David Cameron used a major speech to set out a raft of reforms to protect children from poisonous pornography websites which, he said, were corroding childhood. He announced that internet service providers had agreed to introduce family-friendly filters that automatically block pornography unless customers chose to opt out. Under his proposals, by the end of next year all households will have to opt out of automatic porn filters, which would come as standard with internet broadband and cover all devices in a house. Possession of the most extreme forms of adult pornography will become an offence, while online content will have the same restrictions as DVDs sold in sex shops. You can read the full article on The Independent.

stop the porn ban

Mr Cameron ! You can’t protect us from anything
because you simply don’t understand the Internet !

Internet Adult Film Database

Hello my kinky friends. Today I want to spend a few words about a free service that can be very useful every time you want to know detailed information about an adult movie and/or its performers.

I’m talking about the Internet Adult Film Databasean online database of information about the adult industry, covering actors, actresses, directors and porn movies. It is similar to the Internet Movie Database, in that it is open to the public and is searchable. Yet another who think that information should be handy and free. True Internet philosophy, people like them make the Internet a so great place.

The Internet Adult Film Database, founded in 1995 by Peter van Aarle, is the premier resource for information about the American porn community on the web. At today their database is covering over 132,000 titles and over 121,000 performers and directors, making it the biggest resource of this kind. Everything is maintained by a volunteer staff of editors. The site costs, which must be relevant, are paid by sponsors for ad banners and by affiliate commission from products purchased via their site. The full history of the project, with more details and curiosities, can be found on Wikipedia.

In February 2013, by going through all the data made available on the database, Jon Millward released his analysis titled Deep Inside: a study of 10,000 porn stars and their careers, a massive infographic that looks at the truth about what the average performer looks like, what they do on film, and how their role has evolved over the last forty years.

1st XBIZ Executive Awards

XBIZ Awards are given annually to honor individuals, companies, performers and products that play an essential part in the growth and success of adult entertainment. Organized by the adult industry trade magazine XBIZ, the awards were first given in 2003. The award nominations are submitted by clients, and the winners are voted for by XBIZ staff, industry colleagues and participating organizations.

Last June XBIZ announced the debut of the first-ever XBIZ Executive Awards recognizing unmatched career success in a number of specialized business categories and celebrating those who have achieved the pinnacle of their professions by playing an integral role in fueling the success of their brands. The honors will be awarded on the evening of Sept. 24, culminating the XBIZ EU conference at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel in central London, Sept. 22-25, 2013.

The pre-nomination period for the first-ever XBIZ Executive Awards is now open to members of XBIZ.NET. Until July 31, XBIZ will accept nominations in a number of online industry executive career categories. Companies may nominate their clients’ exceptional staff members as well as their own executive team. Selections will be based on a multitude of factors such as overall leadership ability, business acumen, market experience and industry standing, as well as the volume of nominations received from the community.

XBIZ Executive Awards 2013

Fetish Bank is 14 years old

June 23, 1999, around this time, I was swearing and typing on my keyboard trying to register the domain I had never registered an Internet domain before. I had already started to play with the net and I was running a couple of free hosted adult pages, but my dream was to create a real big site, where a lot of people could come and play. That was my dream at that time.

It was 14 years ago. I can say today that dream become reality. A lot of time passed, I’m getting old (fuck!) but the site keeps spreading its message of free speech and sexual freedom. I’m so proud of this. If you are a pervert, part of the responsibility is mine! : D

happy birthday fetish bank

At that time I was working as programmer in a geographical data processing company. I was enough skilled in writing code, but the Internet was a very new thing. The look of websites at that time was very amateur style and Fetish Bank was not an exception.

Indeed, after that long time the site keeps its peculiar look (I’ve been told it is ugly so many times, but I don’t care) that make it one-of-a-kind. If you curious to see how it was looking like in the past you can use Wayback Machine that keeps an archive with snapshhots of the site taken from time to time during the years… in any case…

Happy Birthday Fetish Bank  !

Top 20 Richest Porn Stars

Are you wondering how much money are making the top porn stars ? Just watch this five minutes video to discover who are the top 20 players in the adult business at today.

Not surprisingly, Jenna Jameson is the richest porn star in the world, with the net worth of $30 million, but did you ever expected to see a male porn star at the third place ? Peter North has starred in an astonishing 1800 adult movies and has directed over 70 but the bulk of his $10 million net worth comes from his work behind the scenes. The other male porn star in the list is the legendary Ron Jeremy, at the 7th place.

Second place for Tera Patrick, model, talent agent, adult film star and author who has a net worth of $15 million. The last one, at the 20th place, Tori Black, with “only” one million. Celebrity Network published the full list, just in case you want to know more.

Brazzers You Tube Channel

brazzers logo

Did you know that Brazzers, the famous porn network, has had (update: banned for violation of TOS in Nov 2013) it own channel on You Tube ? You won’t find find porn videos there but you can find some other kind of interesting videos. Parodies, backstage videos, interviews with porn stars and other stuff like that.

The production company is located in North America. The Brazzers brand was launched in early 2005 by Ouissam Youssef, and Stephane Manos, friends at Concordia University, and Matt Keezer. While their website is managed from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the majority of their scenes and photographs are shot in Las Vegas, Nevada; San Antonio, Texas; Los Angeles, California; and Miami, Florida. is frequently ranked as one of the top 500 most-viewed websites on the internet. You can find the complete company history and the list of their awards on Wikipedia.

brazzer shop 04t brazzer shop 02t brazzer shop 01t brazzer shop 03t

Brazzers Gear is their online store, where you can purchase Brazzers branded products: t-shirts, caps and baseball caps, women’s booty shorts, men’s tank tops, key rings, iPhone cases and other similar stuff. The design is quite good. Worth a look if you don’t mind going around with the the name of a porn site printed on you. I do it. One day I’ll post here a couple of pictures of me. 

Finally, if you want to follow them on Twitter, their official account is: @Brazzers

For The Girls is 10 years old !

Sincere congratulation to Karen and Debbie. Their website For The Girls is officially ten years old !

It was way back in June 2003 when they decided to make their very own porn for women pay site. They started small but it didn’t take long for For The Girls to become one of the largest and most popular female-friendly sites on the Internet. Their philosophy is fairly simple. They know that women are sexual beings. They know that women enjoy looking at sexually explicit material. And they know that women also want to be entertained, informed and given their money’s worth. So their site aims to keep them satisfied, in every possible way.

forthegirls external area    forthegirls internal area
screenshots of front page and members area of For The Girls

After 10 years they’re still going strong. Women still want good, respectful, non-sexist porn yet even now there’s not many places they can find it online. This means that women, but men also, still love For The Girls as it offers a complete adult entertainment experience. Aside from photos and movies chosen specifically to appeal to a female audience, the site is also a complete women’s magazine featuring articles, interviews, fiction, columns, sex advice and humor. So, close your eyes and indulge your fantasies !

AB 332 Dies in Appropriations Committee

The California Assembly Appropriations Committee today voted to stop Assembly Bill 332 from moving forward, effectively quashing any hopes for statewide mandated barrier protection use in adult film productions in California.

“We are grateful that lawmakers have chosen the best interest of California’s taxpayers and the adult industry over AB 332’s misguided legislation”, Free Speech Coalition (FSC) CEO Diane Duke said. “The adult industry creates a tremendous amount of revenue and jobs for California. We have effective, successful standards in place to protect performers. This ridiculous bill was a solution without a problem.”

The action comes after a years-long campaign waged by AIDS Healthcare Foundation to mandate condom use on adult productions in California. Adult industry companies, performers and professionals stood in strong opposition to AHF’s attempts to move the condom agenda forward. Currently, a local ordinance – the Los Angeles Safer Sex for Adult Productions, known as Measure B – is being challenged in federal court.

“We support choice for performers, as well as the successful testing system that has been in place since 1998, which have resulted in no on-set transmissions of HIV in nine years, nationwide” Duke added. “It is encouraging to see that legislators recognize the hard work that the adult industry has done to safeguard performers and that our hard work will not be lost to an unnecessary bureaucracy created from unnecessary legislation.”

FSC has spearheaded opposition to AB 332, Measure B and continues to oppose legislation that threatens the well-being of adult industry businesses and professionals. FSC also upholds industry-appropriate self-regulation that includes regular, frequent STD testing for performers.

International Workers’ Day

May 1, Workers’ Day, celebration of the international labour movement, national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many other countries.

A special thank you to all who work in the adult industry: models, actors, photographers, cameramen, directors, technicians, editors, writers, webmasters, gallery makers… Thank you for the great work you do day after day !

International Workers Day

Daily Fetish News Service

Every day, around the world, millions of articles are featured on the Internet, benefiting millions of readers. Online newspapers and magazines, blogs, twitter accounts and social networks produce an unimaginable amount of information. A part of it is related to the adult world. Fetish Bank is going to dig into it for you !

Every day we are sending out Fetish Bank Daily News, a kinky newsletter with a selection of the hottest adult related article of the day, specially the ones featuring kinky stuff. All for free as usual. The first issue is already online, please have a look. Comments welcome.

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