117 Celeb Galleries Added

Hello my dear kinksters. I’m posting this short note to let you know that today I updated the Celebrity Category adding 117 brand new photo galleries with content from the website Cinema Cult.

Cinema Cult is a website where you can find a huge selection of video clips in high definition featuring the beautiful nude scene from the movies. Content range from the classic movies from the 70s and 80s to the latest TV Series. If you’re a cinema fan you can’t miss it.

I hope you like the new content. Have fun!

From: La mala ordina (AKA The Italian Connection)

From: La mala ordina (AKA The Italian Connection)

Anne Hathaway naked, from movie "Havoc"

Anne Hathaway naked, from movie “Havoc”

From: The Night Porter

From: The Night Porter

From: Secret Diary of a Call Girl [Season 1]

From: Secret Diary of a Call Girl [Season 1]

Kinky activities: dogging

wikipedia iconHow kinky are you ? And how kinky is your partner ? Wouldn’t be nice to experiment something new ? Ok, lets talk about a kinky game, not a real new one, as people have been doing it for over a decade now. Probably the craze started in the year 2003, after a report of the BBC, but the origin come from very very far. Well, I know it is not something suitable for everyone, but keep reading as fantasying about it can be exciting as well. Still can’t figure what I’m talking about ?

Dogging ! It is about having sex with more than one person in a public or semi-public place, often with at least one stranger, and usually with others watching. Hence a more or less spontaneous meeting point between exhibitionists and voyeurs. Isn’t it cool ? The funniest part of this game is that everyone can find a comfortable role: watching only, touching, fucking or be the one in the center of the scene.

Dogging started in the later part of the 20th century, in the UK, with locations mainly being public car parks and lay-bys with activity normally taking place after dark. Doggers, so are called the players, would usually leave their interior lights on in their cars so that other doggers would know that they too were doggers. Some flash their headlights at other cars or flick the interior light on briefly. These are the most common signs to show that one is a dogger. This activity has now become much more organized with regular meeting places, and more or less a free-for-all spirit.

The term dogging originated in the early 1970s to describe men who spied on couples having sex outdoors, these men would ‘dog’ the couples’ every move and watch them. An alternative etymology posits dog-walking as the origin of the term, blokes taking their dogs for walks and stumbling across couples at it in bushes etc. They originally only spied on these couples. And you ? What do you think to do now ? : P

fetish scene dogging 1  fetish scene dogging 2  fetish scene dogging 3fetish scene dogging 4  fetish scene dogging 5  fetish scene dogging 6

pictures courtesy of adult site “dogging missions

On the Fetish Bank Directory the categories with some dogging content are: public nudity, voyeurism, outdoor porn, and British porn. In my long list of thing to do there’s already a point about opening a category dedicated to the dogging. Right now I’m very interested in collecting more links to informative sites, communities, and clubs for swinger and doggers, especially those that are free access. If you have some good links, please share sending them to me. I’ll make them available to the community ! Share is care !