The Hitachi Magic Wand

One of the best sex toys ever made, it was born as electric mains-powered vibrating massager, manufactured in China by Japanese manufacturing firm Hitachi.

The Magic Wand gained a reputation in the early 1970s as a sex toy for women. This was largely due to the writings and actions of Betty Dodson, a New York based sexual liberationist and latterly therapist. The device has been referred to as “The Cadillac of Vibrators”, in a reference to its purported quality and effectiveness compared to the then more common battery powered, inexpensive vibrators. Popularity of the unit for sexual purposes was boosted by television appearances in Sex and the City and Sexcetera, and by references to it by celebrities such as Rosanne Barr, who commented that, “Hitachi makes such a good vibrator, I think I’ll buy one of their TVs!” (MTV VMA).

The growing ease of access to the item via online sales also boosted popularity and sales. The Hitachi Magic Wand, while associated with female masturbatory use, is also recognized as a highly effective toy for males. Female use usually focuses on stimulation of the vulva and clitoris, as the unit is typically too large to be used internally in its standard configuration. Males report using the vibrator on the shaft and glans of the penis to cause orgasm. There are several uses for couples, both heterosexual and homosexual. Heterosexual and lesbian couples often use the Magic Wand on the clitoral region during intercourse.

In 2013, it was announced that the product was being re-branded as simply the “Original Magic Wand” with no labeling identifying it as a Hitachi product. Interesting to read reviews and comments wrote by Amazon customers who bought it on their site.



Never watch porn at work !

Have you ever noticed the hashtag #NSFW associated to forum posts, email messages or twitter messages? That acronym, that means Not Suitable For Work, is simply used to describe Internet content generally inappropriate for the typical workplace, i.e., would not be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues…

humor watching porn at work

It looks like this guy simply ignored the #NSFW tag… : D

ASCII Art, Moral obbligation

      ,'        `.         I BELIEVE IT'S MY MORAL OBLIGATION     
     /   __) __`  \         TO OCCASIONALLY BEAT OFF TO FAT CHICKS
    (   (`-`(-')   )                                              
    /)  \   _  /  (                                               
   /'    )-._.' .  \ ___                                          
  (  ,--.,    `.)___(___)       BECAUSE IF I DON'T DO IT WHO WILL 
   )(   /-.,--'\   _ \X/`                                         
  '/ .'/        \ (  Uu")\                                        
    / /          \ `/,-'  )                                       
   ( ^      ,    ,^ )`._.'                                        
    ( `.   Y   .'  )                                              
     \  `. )\.'   / )                                             
     )`._.'=='._.' (                                              
    /               )                                             
   (                ."-.                                          
  /(`    -)        /    \                                         
 (  \`-.__    -'_."      `                                        
 |  \`-.__.--"v"          |                                       
 `.'      \   |,          ,                                       
  /        `._/           :                                       
 /           |           '                                        
/           /|          /                                         
           / |         /  Ojo/VK/FS/ejm

New category: solo models

Hello kinky friends. So, here we are with a new category: solo models.

What is it about ? Just featuring pros or amateurs succeeding as stars in their own shows. Founder of the genre is Lightspeed Media Corporation with the unforgotten model Tawnee Stone.

fetish scene solo females

The Tawnee Stone site, launched in 2001 reached the top of success in the year 2005. At that time Internet was still 1.0, facebook was a test site and the word twitter was referring to ornithology.