ASCII Art, Camgirl’s regreet

     /    _\      HELLO THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE             
    /    (={)     THE YEAR IS 2023                                    
   /     /_/      SHIT IS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME, TV STILL SUCKS        
  (      |(_                                                          
  /\_.--'// \                                                         
 /L.|`--'(   \              ,                                         
/  /\_____`).J\____'==HH===HH                                         
\ \  \ `  |  \__..--."'                                               
 \ \._) `  \       (             MY NAME IS "RANDOM DUMB BITCH"       
  \_/(`-..-'L       )     I WANTED TO EXPRESS THAT I WISH I HADN'T    
    / `\_(   L\,--.'      POSTED MY FULL BODY AND FACE ON /R/GONEWILD/
    > --'`--  \\ (_)      IT'S MAKING IT REALLY HARD TO GET A JOB NOW 
    |   | \    Y                                                      
    |__/|  \---'\                       END TRANSMISSION              
    |   |   `.  _)                                                    
    \   ;     )  |                                                    
     )`)|     |  |  Ojo                                               
     |  |     |  |                                                    
     |  |     |(o) After JRO                                          
     |(o)     /  \                                                    
     /  |     \(\_">                                                  

Working in porn

Have you ever wondered about it ?

Yes, you can. It is not hard and you don’t even need to do hardcore. If you’re enough skilled in both technical and marketing, or if you have somebody that can do it for you, you can setup your own website or blog and get started that way. Assuming you can handle the tech part by yourself it wouldn’t be expansive. Unfortunately most of you does not have the Knowledge required. Sure you can learn on the field, it will be fun and educative, but it will take months, even years, before you can have thing working in the right way.

Alternatively you can signup at Fetish Models, fill your profile and upload your photos. They will help marketing your content. There’s more, if you want, they can build, host, maintain and market a members paysite for you at no cost to you. Perfect for new fetish, tattoo, or alternative models that need their own website or established models that want to increase their web revenues. Best part is that you control your limits and do what you feel comfortable with: pantyhose, smoking, latex or foot fetish live chats.

Want to give adult modelling a try ? Can’t be more easy. Fill the form and press submit.

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New category: solo models

Hello kinky friends. So, here we are with a new category: solo models.

What is it about ? Just featuring pros or amateurs succeeding as stars in their own shows. Founder of the genre is Lightspeed Media Corporation with the unforgotten model Tawnee Stone.

fetish scene solo females

The Tawnee Stone site, launched in 2001 reached the top of success in the year 2005. At that time Internet was still 1.0, facebook was a test site and the word twitter was referring to ornithology.