Bitcoin donation welcome

bitcoin, the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet. Nobody owns the Bitcoin network much like no one owns the technology behind email. Bitcoin is an open source project. That means it’s code is available for perusal by anyone. It has already been defined as the Napster of the currency and it is probably going to completely change the concept of money in the next decade.

To support this innovative project I decided accept donation in Bitcoin. The widget to donate is visible at the top right corner of the screen. I’m also supporting the Litecoin network, which is another potentially very interesting technology.

For those who are already familiar with the technology, these are the addresses where, if you want, you can send your donation:

  • For donation in BTC: 1AzNH4rJUFT5bcZp3V4aDTqBBrhc659Bd5
  • For donation in LTC: Lc23T9JhkkUspNoHJHfBKuU2ema2nQ6ssw

For those who are not, I suggest you to start understand this technology now, because, first or later you’ll have to deal with it. Then, the faster you start, the better is for you. Here is a list of sites to begin:

New category: threesome

Another category released: threesome.

We already had a group sex category, but this new one is more specific as it only features porn involving three persons: males, females, shemales, trannies, straight, gay and bisex. So, you’ll find MFF and MMF threesomes, but also FFF, MFT, MTT, FTT, MMM and any other possible combination you can imagine.

The new category includes some dp action, but if you’re a lot into that, remember there is a very specific category for double penetrations.

fetish scene threesome

New category: spandex

Yes ! One more ! Another category is up and running: spandex fetish.

The category celebrates this synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is strong, but less durable than its major non-synthetic competitor, natural latex. It is a polyurethane-polyurea copolymer that was invented in 1959 by chemists C. L. Sandquist and Joseph Shivers at DuPont’s Benger Laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia. When first introduced, it revolutionized many areas of the clothing industry. And of the fetish world, too…

fetish niche spandex

Index for gay categories

gay fetish bank cover 6

Hello folks ! Great news ! Index page for gay and shemale content just released !

Fetish Bank is one of the most comprehensive and detailed fetish directory available on the Internet today. There are 146 categories of niche porn, some of them very unusual and hard to find, and this number is increasing month after month. The best part is that all this categories have a subcategory with gay/bisex/shemale content only. This make Fetish Bank one of the best directories for gay porn, too.

Now, I just designed a new gateway page that you can use to quickly access this kind of content, in case you’re not interested in straight porn. This page is accessible via the main menu, at the very top of each page. Just click the GAY button and enjoy your new index.

Please support my effort in trying to make Fetish Bank the top directory for the gay community ! Share this new page with your friends, tweet it, blog it. Also, feel free to suggest niches sites and report problems. Help me making a your directory better !

New category: curly hair

Good news folks ! I keep working on new kinky categories and a brand new one is just ready. It falls under the big family of the hair fetish and it is a topic that you won’t easily find on other adult sites: curly hair.

So, as reminder, right now the hair fetish niche has the following categories in the index: general hair fetish, blond hair, red hair, dark hair, curly hair and emo. One more in under development and will be ready soon: unnatural hair colors, just in case you like blue, violet or green hair… I do !

fetish scene curly hair

End of summer holidays

back to work

Here we are again. Summer vacation stops here. I told it would be a short one instead I’ve been out of town for one month ! Well, the point is that I spent all the time restructuring my home on the coast. For a reason or another it seems I can’t have a real vacation.

Hopefully I’ll be more lucky next year. And now the good part… a lot of fresh posts and links and pictures are on your way… : )

Summer vacation time

summer vacation cover 5

Guys ! Here it is hot like hell ! I’m going to have a short vacation on the coast. Hopefully the view will be something like the picture above.

I’m bringing my laptop and my Android with me, so I won’t be totally disconnected from the world, but, during the next ten days there will be daily updates with a little bit less stuff and I can be slow replying to the mails. Don’t even try to complain before you have checked all the stuff that is already listed. I think I stored so much porn that is enough for the next 1,000 years ! In the directory there are over 65,000 unique links, 25,000 are galleries with a total of over half million free pictures and movies. Plus, in the past months I published a couple dozens of interesting articles about kinky subjects, trying to share my little knowledge. Isn’t that enough ? #lol

My suggestion is to check the index and try browsing new categories. Stuff you don’t really know very well. Maybe you’ll get some idea for something to try in real life. In case, don’t forget to post your feedback here, ok ?