Pastebin applications

A pastebin is a type of web application where anyone can store text for a certain period of time. This type of website is mainly used by programmers to store pieces of source code or configuration information, but anyone can basically share any type of text. If you want to see how it works, have a look at the Fetish Bank Paste Bay. I made it for demonstration purpose only, so feel free to play with it, but keep in mind that text posted there cannot deleted or modified.

The idea behind pastebins is to make it more convenient for people to share large amounts of text online. A vast number of pastebin related websites exist on the Internet, suiting a number of different needs and providing features tailored towards the crowd they focus on most. One of those providers is called Pastebay and their slogan makes it perfect for us: free uncensored text hosting. Ahahahahaha !

So, if you need a place for your dirty annotations, here it is…

2015.04.01 UPDATE: Pastebay Service Died. Links Removed : (

Search functionality added

fetish bank search function cover

Great new guys. I just finished writing the code for the search function within the Fetish Bank Directory. At the bottom of each link page you’ll find a form where you can type the text to search. Results are shown in the same page and links open in a new window. You can use the new functionality to search for a specific kink, a porn star, a site, etc.

fetish bank search function sample

The search engine uses the Google’s Custom Search technology; it supports the same syntax for advanced queries, in case you want to use it. Example: if you want to search an exact phrase you can put it within brackets. But you can do more interesting things, here is a short guide to the most common search commands and tools. What about trying it ?

Porn ban in Great Britain

David Cameron retreats in war on internet porn, admitting there will be problems down the line amid debate over censorship. In fact The Prime Minister is facing serious questions over how his plan for automatic internet porn filters in every British home would work, after he suggested that topless images such as those used on The Sun’s page three would be still be accessible online.

David Cameron used a major speech to set out a raft of reforms to protect children from poisonous pornography websites which, he said, were corroding childhood. He announced that internet service providers had agreed to introduce family-friendly filters that automatically block pornography unless customers chose to opt out. Under his proposals, by the end of next year all households will have to opt out of automatic porn filters, which would come as standard with internet broadband and cover all devices in a house. Possession of the most extreme forms of adult pornography will become an offence, while online content will have the same restrictions as DVDs sold in sex shops. You can read the full article on The Independent.

stop the porn ban

Mr Cameron ! You can’t protect us from anything
because you simply don’t understand the Internet !

Follow Friday explained

FF Follow Friday banner logo

One of the most interesting services on the Internet today is Twitter. If you’re not using it, you’re probably losing one of the better parts of the Internet. Twitter is the social network for thinking brains, just the opposite of Facebook, and also hosts the biggest community of the most perverted individuals ever seen on the Internet. For those who don’t know how Twitter works or can’t just understand how to use it, I suggest this simple guide to understand the basics and getting started in 20 minutes. Do read it, you’ll thanks me forever.

For those who are already using Twitter, Follow Friday is a tradition in which people send tweets recommending users they think other people may be interested in following.
The tweets are sent each Friday and contain the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF. If you’re wondering, hashtag is the keyword preceded by the pound symbol, check the Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags if you want to learn all the secrets of the hashtags.

The idea is to help people figure out who to follow on Twitter by sharing usernames or Twitter handles of your favorite Twitterers, the people whose tweets you find interesting. Look at the sample below, taken from my timeline:

Twitter timeline follow friday ff 1

Of course, it’s nice to retweet Follow Friday shout-outs, and it’s even better if you thank whoever recommends you. By the way, Twitter is a place where some people still use old-fashioned ASCII artworks which result in very cool tweets:

Twitter timeline follow friday ff 2

I’m closing this post with the last link, a comprehensive guide to Twitter… just in case you want to learn all secrets of this social network…

Dailymotion, kinky videos

dailymotion logo

Dailymotion is a French video-sharing website, the little brother of You Tube, on which users can upload, share and view videos. Their policy does not allow penetration porn along with some other stuff, but nudity is allowed.

Now, considering that you can watch penis going into vagina almost everywhere and probably, just like me, you’re considering it kinda boring, let’s see why I decided to spend my time writing this post. Then, is there something special on Dailymotion?

Yes, there is. On Dailymotion, you can see stuff like: asian micro bikini oil dancing, wet t shirt contests, naked voyeur vids, naked exhibition vids, downblouse and sharking, candid nude beach, drunk pissing, changing rooms, nip slips, celeb nip slips, big brother nude scenes, amateur ass shaking, groping, asian train groping, tops falling off, mooning, pantsing and much more. Want something a little bit more extreme ? Have a look at this nipple pulling playlist and smile.

The limit is your own fantasy, don’t be shy when using the search feature. Open an account, turn the adult filter off, search for something naughty, click the video, and then find a playlist that the video was added to. That playlist could be a host of other similar videos.

If you are still thinking these kind of video sharing services cannot host stuff enough kinky and extreme, you can’t be more wrong. Look at this video made by a Korean girl and pay me a beer.

Rocco and Amica Chips

I’m sure you all know the Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi, great fucker and anal master but I’m also sure none of you know that in the year 2006 Rocco starred in an Italian TV commercial for an important local brand of chips. Chips ? Yes, chips !

You need to know that in Italian the word chips is translated “patatina”. The same word, patatina, is used when referring to vagina, informal but not vulgar, the same way you use the word pussy in English.

Here the fun begins! The commercial is a great masterpiece of art, full of sexual double meanings. See it below in a You Tube video with subtitles in English:

“Trust someone who has tried all of them!” #lol

Sadly, after just a couple of days, the commercial, considered vulgar and immoral, was heavily censured by the Italian Advertising Authority. It was broadcast with no audio till the end of the contract.

Porn movie on big screen

Two days ago BBC Word News published an article telling the story of a porn movie accidentally shown on a public LCD screen somewhere in the Jilin area, a province of the People’s Republic of China. The picture below shows what was played to a surprised public for about 10 minutes. The screen is located outside the train station, in a very central location.

porn movie on big screen (Jilin Province)

China has tight regulations controlling which films can be broadcast, including politically sensitive films and some pornographic films, so I guess someone is going to a prison in inner Mongolia…

Social media says that a technician was watching the film on his computer without realizing it was connected to the LED screen. When he was warned about was going up, he unplugged his computer and threw the disc out of the window. #lol.

Anyway, this is not the first accident of this kind, same thing happened last February in Fuye Square, a public square in Zhongshan (Guangdong area, another province of the People’s Republic of China).

porn movie on big screen (Zhongshan)

According to The Nan Fang, a local blog in English language that reported the news, one netizen said this was caused by Zhongshan’s dark history coming back to haunt it (Zhongshan is the hometown of former head of state Sun Yat Sen). Another said this was a great day in history. Another fancies that he’s seen this film before. #lol.

1st XBIZ Executive Awards

XBIZ Awards are given annually to honor individuals, companies, performers and products that play an essential part in the growth and success of adult entertainment. Organized by the adult industry trade magazine XBIZ, the awards were first given in 2003. The award nominations are submitted by clients, and the winners are voted for by XBIZ staff, industry colleagues and participating organizations.

Last June XBIZ announced the debut of the first-ever XBIZ Executive Awards recognizing unmatched career success in a number of specialized business categories and celebrating those who have achieved the pinnacle of their professions by playing an integral role in fueling the success of their brands. The honors will be awarded on the evening of Sept. 24, culminating the XBIZ EU conference at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel in central London, Sept. 22-25, 2013.

The pre-nomination period for the first-ever XBIZ Executive Awards is now open to members of XBIZ.NET. Until July 31, XBIZ will accept nominations in a number of online industry executive career categories. Companies may nominate their clients’ exceptional staff members as well as their own executive team. Selections will be based on a multitude of factors such as overall leadership ability, business acumen, market experience and industry standing, as well as the volume of nominations received from the community.

XBIZ Executive Awards 2013

Top 10 most weird forums

weird image banner cover

Although Fetish Bank hosts over 150 different fetish categories and although I’ve been surfing around any kind of porn site in the last 20 years of my life, from time to time I still found completely new fetish topics !

You don’t believe me ? Ok, look at this list of sites about unusual kinks:

Hand Fetish:
Fur Fetish:
Navel & Belly Fetish:
Brace Fetish:
Armpit Fetish:
Cast Fetish:
Fart Fetish:
Sneeze Fetish:
Watch Fetish:
Crying Fetish:

Yesterday, for I moment, I thought I had discovered one even more strange: Case and Cooling Fetish which is all about customizing computers with weird accessories… I spent some time browsing that page but still I can’t figure how the sexual part works… maybe fuckings USB slot and licking keyboards ?

Fetish Bank is 14 years old

June 23, 1999, around this time, I was swearing and typing on my keyboard trying to register the domain I had never registered an Internet domain before. I had already started to play with the net and I was running a couple of free hosted adult pages, but my dream was to create a real big site, where a lot of people could come and play. That was my dream at that time.

It was 14 years ago. I can say today that dream become reality. A lot of time passed, I’m getting old (fuck!) but the site keeps spreading its message of free speech and sexual freedom. I’m so proud of this. If you are a pervert, part of the responsibility is mine! : D

happy birthday fetish bank

At that time I was working as programmer in a geographical data processing company. I was enough skilled in writing code, but the Internet was a very new thing. The look of websites at that time was very amateur style and Fetish Bank was not an exception.

Indeed, after that long time the site keeps its peculiar look (I’ve been told it is ugly so many times, but I don’t care) that make it one-of-a-kind. If you curious to see how it was looking like in the past you can use Wayback Machine that keeps an archive with snapshhots of the site taken from time to time during the years… in any case…

Happy Birthday Fetish Bank  !